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July 12, 2010

Best Speaking Intro I’ve Ever Received… Video Clips from #PRSCamp

by sexythinker

Reason number 2,041 why Kacy Oden is so awesome.

April 3, 2009

the happiest person i’ve ever met.

by sexythinker

this sexythinker is not very emotional but in this blog i’ll share with you my 1 feeling.

we all talk about wanting to be happy.  what i think we mean is that we want peace, love and serenity.   a state of being that my great grandmother (88 yrs old) appears to have achieved effortlessly.   

this past monday she had emergency surgery, breast cancer.  the day before, i flew in from los angeles, attended a dinner party in cinci then got up early to drive over the river and through the woods to see her.  i never want to take for granted the fact that i still have a great grandmother in my life.

when i arrived the first thing she said from her hospital bed was:  “are you ok?  i’m so sorry you got lost.  let’s get you something to eat you must be hungry.”  this coming from a woman who just lost her breast.  

when i asked her how she was doing she replied:

“everyone here is so nice, the food here is the best and i’ve had so many nice visitors”. 

she had every reason in the world to complain,to feel sorry for herself, but she didn’t and in my lifetime of memories she never has.   

my family tells me her finances are low yet they say she still flips out the checkbook when she see’s a charity plea on tv.  they also inform me that a neighbor has been borrowing large sums of money from her.   i wanted to kick his ass.  i went to his house to try but wasn’t home.  meanwhile my great grandmother compassionately expresses while she does want her money back, she appreciates his company and the little things he does for her. 

recently she’s moved into a nursing home.  she raves about the staff, her lovely roommate and how much she enjoys playing the piano in the cafeteria.  we both play by ear.  i love sharing that and the middle name eileen.

up until now i’ve  kept the name a secret.  now  i’m  proud to carry the fourth generation name.  i hope i can honor it like she has.

we all search for happiness.  the happiest, most loved person i know has taught me you find it by being selfless, giving, abundant and grateful.

 she is my hero.