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March 12, 2011

#Tweetup #Lexington #KY Saul Good Benefit for Kentucky Children’s Hospital

by sexythinker

Nothing is more critical than a baby’s first year. Let’s help Kentucky Children’s Hospital get needed equipment to help them reach that 1-year milestone. And have a GOOD time doing it.

December 10, 2010

Saul Good: An Evening of Giving. #BeTheChange #Lexington #KimbleFamily

by sexythinker

On December 12th from 5-9 pm, Saul Good Restaurant & Pub in Lexington, KY has generously agreed to donate 50% of all sales to this family. Please help The Kimble family by simply coming in to enjoy a drink or dinner. Or, if you can’t make it that evening, simply drop off a donation.


November 22, 2010

Shout Out: No Kid Hungry Bloggers & Tweeters #gratitude #nokidhungry #RAAD

by sexythinker

Thank you for inspiring me and for making a difference.

Please spread my thanks and gratitude to those you know that were a part of this.



September 3, 2010

Call To ACTION: Use Your Influence To End Childhood Hunger In America

by sexythinker

We’re putting together an online, grassroots army of people to help raise awareness for Share Our Strength’s “Great American Dine Out”, September 19-25.

The single CALL TO ACTION is “Please dine out the week of Sept 19-25 at a participating restaurant” Link to find a participating restaurants is here:

Nearly 17 million children in this country struggle with hunger. Share Our Strength’s “No Kid Hungry” campaign is ending childhood hunger in America by connecting at-risk children with the nutritious foods they need to live healthy, active lives.

The “Great American Dine Out,” September 19-25, will bring together thousands of restaurants and millions of consumers to help raise money for this important cause.


1)  If you have a blog:  Starting two weeks before the actual Dine Out, please blog to raise awareness for the “No Kid Hungry” campaign and about the “The Great American Dine Out”.  The single CALL TO ACTION is “Please dine out the week of Sept 19-25 at a participating restaurant” Link to find a participating restaurants is here:

2) If you’re online at all:  Use your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to spread the word about “The Great American Dine Out” and ask your friends, family and networks to please dine out that week.

3) Join us on Twitter, September 20th from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., for our “Tweet-a-Thon” to raise awareness for the campaign. Use and follow the hashtags #DineOut and #NoKidHungry.

All the details and information you need can be found HERE.


If you have any questions please contact kwoodworth at

July 29, 2010

Recruiting Webcast: Penelope Trunk and Amanda Hite (VIDEO BREAKDOWN)

by sexythinker

I realized I never posted these on this blog.  Seeing these again makes me want to find another excuse to go back to Madison and visit the team at Brazen.

Part 1: A Really Long Webinar Warm Up…

Why most recruiters suck
Re-invent the recruiting process
Taking risk, BMW’s, Penelope and Amanda get financially punk’d
The Brazen Recruiter
Selling social media to executives
Why you should leave HR
warning PT drops 2 F-bombs

Shout outs: Monicals pizza, Pacific Catch, BMW financial services

Part 2: Money Shot’s for Changing the Recruiting Process.

Ideas on how to change the recruiting process

  • A system where talent filters itself
  • Community driven selection process
  • Manager accountability for succession planning and recruiting
  • Making everyone else responsible for recruiting

The HR Marketer
Employment Branding and Employee Referrals
Listening tools

Shout outs: Netvibes, Hardrock, Sodexo

Part 3: Penelope Thinks I’m Smart Then Almost Dies.

Do employee referrals differently
Penelope is almost rushed to the hospital
How to listen in, find conversations online and move to Laguna Beach
Good PR?
How to “get in” the door despite the broken system
Personal branding
Identifying online influencers

Shout outs: Punk Rock HR Laurie Ruettimann, Joel Cheezeman, Jobbing, Snag A Job, Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk’s Blog, Jobvite, Sodexo

Part 4: Real Life, Real Message, Real Meaning.

The problem is in your real life not social media
Brazen Careerist vs. Linkedin
Building your network and personal brand
Why Talent Revolution WON’T do your recruiting
Real message: Shifting how you recruit, whose responsible and how you measure
Are you a part of the broken system?
Hiring and agency to tweet for you is lame
HR needs to get behind a cause and create meaningful change in the workplace

Shout outs: , Talent Revolution, @sexythinker

June 17, 2010

Embrace Your Authenticity, UnApologetically. Clips from my #PRSCamp keynote

by sexythinker
September 15, 2009

Video Blog: If You Don’t Create And Take Action On Your Life Someone Else Will For You.

by sexythinker

“Action without Vision is a Nightmare.”

The hard truth is that if you don’t create your life, someone else will create it for you. Yes, sometimes s*#t happens that leads to experiences we didn’t plan for, and some of those experiences become defining moments in our lives. But, there are plenty of other moments that WE define and drive based on our mindset and the actions we take. Stop letting life happen to you and start making it happen for you.

Some tips on defining what you want:

1) Write a bucket list with 100 things you want to do before you die.
2) Define the lifestyle you want in every major area of your life (Career, Family, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Recreation etc.).
3) Define your talents and your passion. Have an honest conversation about what your talents are and what they are not. Discover areas where you can apply those talents to meaningful work that inspires passion inside you.
4) Share these outcomes with everyone you know.

“Vision without Action is a Daydream.”

Too often, we’re all talk. It drives me nuts to hear someone say, “I’m gonna…I want to…One day I hope to…” What are you doing right now, in this moment, to take action to make those things happen? Each day, you’re either a day closer to your vision or you’re not. It’s your pick. Taking action on an idea is the only real way we discover whether or not the idea works. Spend less time talking, planning and deciding how you’re going to do something. Spend more time defining a clear vision and taking action that will help you learn and push you towards your outcome.

Nightmares keep you up at night. Daydreams waste your time. Define what you want , and start living the dreams that matter.

April 19, 2009

weather rant

by sexythinker

to wrap up my birthday week i wake up (after having a great dream about being a vampire) to another day of cloudy skies and rain.  yesterday my neighbor was sunbathing on her deck and a week ago my deck was covered in snow.  inconsistent weather drives me insane and bad weather makes me cry.

my bff always tells says  “you shouldn’t let the weather drive your mood”.  dude, it is sooo much easier to slap a smile on your face and when the sun’s shining in a clear blue sky.  on my last quick trip to sunny california before my flight out i had an early breakfast along the beach. i noticed the big fat smiles on the faces of the happy, healthy people, running, biking and walking their dogs near by. even the dogs looked happier.

once a year i take a vaca to laguna beach, we stay at the surf and sand hotel and create some of my favorite memories.  life seems perfect there.  when it’s leaving time i declare i’m moving and stock up on over priced real estate ads.

when the weather here is bad i get mad at myself for not moving in with the palm trees but then i remind myself…

  • that my precious grandparents live nearby and i love them more than a beach
  • that my friends, family and loved ones who often drive me crazy but give life meaning are all also in a drives reach and
  • that most of the talent team at Talent Revolution are all close by

while i haven’t given up on my dream to be a vampire living by the surf and sand.  i’m putting it on hold for now. better weather’s coming and boating days at the lake and lunches in the sun at the greene are just around the corner.  in the meantime i’m working on a plan to have my cake and eat it too.