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March 6, 2009

blog therapy. day 1

by sexythinker

 i’m starting this blog mainly with self serving intentions,  giving myself an outlet that relieves stress and grounds my mind.

journaling is supposed to be good for mental health. for some reason when i think of that act, i picture a kid scribbling the words “PRIVATE: KEEP OUT” on the cover of a hello kitty journal. in the past, i thought i was too cool for it.  now i know i’m not, so i’m taking it up…on a public blog…minus the hello kitty journal.

when i decided to write a blog series about quiting my job, I discovered blogging could be therapeutic.  any english major or 5th grader would tell you i’m a terrible writer but i have a pretty authentic voice, so somehow it works for me. and, to my surprise, people keep reading my stuff.

letting you read my journal appeals to me.  i can tell myself that something i write may (in some sane or insane way) be therapeutic to you, and that makes me feel better about starting a self-serving blog.