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September 15, 2010

VIDEO: Austin based musical savant John Pointer entertaining the #HS360 crowd. Rocked my world.

by sexythinker

Yesterday I met Austin, TX based musical savant “John Pointer”.. when the Hot Schedule’s 360 User Conference kicked off like this…..

Then later that evening at a boat bash on the lake, he fell into my favor with this personalized shout out to me and Prince performance…

and he also does this…

BUT NONE OF THAT prepared me for what he did at the end of the night with a mind blowing acoustic version of this…

WOW….Austin has talent…  for sure.

ps..  Thank you Host Schedules for having me out and introducing me to John. You guys are all bad assess and seriously impress me with your taste and talent.

Your fan,


July 12, 2010

Best Speaking Intro I’ve Ever Received… Video Clips from #PRSCamp

by sexythinker

Reason number 2,041 why Kacy Oden is so awesome.