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September 20, 2009

Looking For Compelling Examples And Stories Of how Social Media Has Made A Difference In Your Life.

by sexythinker

I’m preparing for a few keynotes and talks that I’ll be doing over the next few weeks.  I always like to share real life stories of the positive impact Social Media has had in people’s lives.  I have many examples of how this space has changed my life but I want to hear from you.  I’m looking for compelling examples and inspiring stories of how Social Media has made an difference in your life.

Pleas share…

Much love,


September 15, 2009

Video Blog: If You Don’t Create And Take Action On Your Life Someone Else Will For You.

by sexythinker

“Action without Vision is a Nightmare.”

The hard truth is that if you don’t create your life, someone else will create it for you. Yes, sometimes s*#t happens that leads to experiences we didn’t plan for, and some of those experiences become defining moments in our lives. But, there are plenty of other moments that WE define and drive based on our mindset and the actions we take. Stop letting life happen to you and start making it happen for you.

Some tips on defining what you want:

1) Write a bucket list with 100 things you want to do before you die.
2) Define the lifestyle you want in every major area of your life (Career, Family, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Recreation etc.).
3) Define your talents and your passion. Have an honest conversation about what your talents are and what they are not. Discover areas where you can apply those talents to meaningful work that inspires passion inside you.
4) Share these outcomes with everyone you know.

“Vision without Action is a Daydream.”

Too often, we’re all talk. It drives me nuts to hear someone say, “I’m gonna…I want to…One day I hope to…” What are you doing right now, in this moment, to take action to make those things happen? Each day, you’re either a day closer to your vision or you’re not. It’s your pick. Taking action on an idea is the only real way we discover whether or not the idea works. Spend less time talking, planning and deciding how you’re going to do something. Spend more time defining a clear vision and taking action that will help you learn and push you towards your outcome.

Nightmares keep you up at night. Daydreams waste your time. Define what you want , and start living the dreams that matter.

September 8, 2009

Video Blog: “Crush It. Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion.” Book Give Away.

by sexythinker

If you haven’t heard about Crush it Gary Vaynerchuck’s book that comes out October 13 you need to catch up and pre-order your copy today.

Gary V is my business idol and as the unofficial Mayor of this Community I’d like to recommend that we read the book together then support and energize each other to apply our talents to more meaningful work.

We’ve pre-ordered about 30 copies and will give out a few to members of this Talented Community. To get in on the drawing to get a free copy join in this discussion and tell us.

1. What is your talent’s passion?
2. How can TR and this community support you in “Crushing It”?

Read more about Gary here or learn about his new book, Crush It! here.

Gary shows TR some love on Video!

September 8, 2009

Attract My Attention

by sexythinker

The Talent that leads us through the 21st Century will master these 2 things:

1. Control of their own attention
2. Capturing the attention of others

In Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers, he claims Work Ethic 2.0 is Control of Attention and states that
“Control of attention is the ultimate individual power. People who can do that are not prisoners of the stimuli around them.”

Work Ethic 2.0: Attention Control Commentary:

“A person who works with total focus has an enormous advantage over a workaholic who’s “multi-tasking” all day, answering every phone call, constantly checking Facebook and Twitter, and indulging every interruption.”

In an age where distractions seek you out, where everyone has ADD and the next generation is popping Adderall like it’s Vitamin C, how can this not be true?

BUT, there is something that’s going to be an even bigger factor than having total focus. That something is having the ATTENTION of others.

In today’s world, having the ATTENTION of others is priceless. We are exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages per day and, in the middle of all that noise, we’re receiving real-time e-mail notifications and IMs, we’re reading tweets on Twitter, we’re checking the latest status updates on Facebook, we’re getting requests to connect on LinkedIn, our phones are ringing off the hook with personal and business calls, we’re replying to comments on blogs, having meetings, and watching breaking news, all while co-workers are tugging on our sleeves.

In today’s world, the ones who have the ultimate influence are the ones who can attract the attention and the talent of others.

In his book, Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about NOW being the prime time to cash in on our passion. He talks about how eyeballs are shifting to the Internet, and that the people who will call the shots are the ones who have the attention of those eyeballs within their niches. And, FYI, TR has ordered several copies of Crush It to give out to members of our community.

For the longest time we’ve said, “Content is king.” For the longest time, gatekeepers determined the content and the market set the price for it. Soon, that situation will be reversed. Soon, the people who attract the attention of the group (niche) will tell the content creators what the group wants and will set the price.

When I think of this, Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR immediately comes to mind. She is engaging and captures the attention of the HR community. She is positioning herself to be a very wealthy lady one day…

Capturing the attention of others is about engagement.

Today, I’d like to start a discussion about ATTENTION and ask the questions..

What are the things that engage YOU and capture your attention?

September 8, 2009

The I Want To Be An Entrepreneur Trend

by sexythinker

On a flight last week, I was sitting next to a boy and a girl who were both in their mid twenties. The girl noticed the “start-up magazine” in my bag, pointed to it and said to the boy, “Hey, have you heard of this magazine?” It was an obvious and awkward moment where I knew she wanted me to ask, “Do you have a start-up? If so, what do you do?” So.. I asked, she enthusiastically said, “YES!“ and then, blushing, said “OK. Here’s my spiel.” Her “partner” winked and gave her a look that said, “You go girl. You’ve got this!”

She gave me their scripted pitch as if she’d rehearsed it 100 times in the mirror. I had flashbacks of feeling how she did in that exact moment. Except my flashback was from a time more recent than you think. They told me that they both recently graduated with MBAs and, after six unsuccessful months on the job market, decided to start a business.

It’s happening with everyone. Baby Boomers aren’t retiring. They’re starting businesses. Gen-Y’rs are graduating college only to be disappointed by the lack of opportunity within the job market. And X’ers are
having early mid life crisis’s like I did and wondering “Am I missing out on something here? Should I be opting out of corporate america and chase my dreams?”

I’m having these conversations every day with friends and people in my network, including people from all age groups. This certainly has become the cool trend.

As I approach the anniversary of my first year as a full-time entrepreneur and reflect back on the highest of highs and lowest of lows, I wonder: Do some of these people have what it takes? Starting your own business doesn’t always work out like the Facebook fairytale. I’ve learned that if you don’t have a ton of cash you have to be resilient as hell, that you must have a strong network and a boatload of Social Currency built up with that network (thank you @unmarketing), and you have to be willing to push yourself so far out of your comfort zone that it sometimes makes you want to throw up.

Not everyone’s cut out for it. In fact, maybe most people aren’t cut out for it.

What do you think?

Does entrepreneurship require a certain DNA? If so, what’s the profile?

If you have experience in entrepreneurship, what tips would you give someone starting out?

Amanda Hite