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July 29, 2010

Recruiting Webcast: Penelope Trunk and Amanda Hite (VIDEO BREAKDOWN)

by sexythinker

I realized I never posted these on this blog.  Seeing these again makes me want to find another excuse to go back to Madison and visit the team at Brazen.

Part 1: A Really Long Webinar Warm Up…

Why most recruiters suck
Re-invent the recruiting process
Taking risk, BMW’s, Penelope and Amanda get financially punk’d
The Brazen Recruiter
Selling social media to executives
Why you should leave HR
warning PT drops 2 F-bombs

Shout outs: Monicals pizza, Pacific Catch, BMW financial services

Part 2: Money Shot’s for Changing the Recruiting Process.

Ideas on how to change the recruiting process

  • A system where talent filters itself
  • Community driven selection process
  • Manager accountability for succession planning and recruiting
  • Making everyone else responsible for recruiting

The HR Marketer
Employment Branding and Employee Referrals
Listening tools

Shout outs: Netvibes, Hardrock, Sodexo

Part 3: Penelope Thinks I’m Smart Then Almost Dies.

Do employee referrals differently
Penelope is almost rushed to the hospital
How to listen in, find conversations online and move to Laguna Beach
Good PR?
How to “get in” the door despite the broken system
Personal branding
Identifying online influencers

Shout outs: Punk Rock HR Laurie Ruettimann, Joel Cheezeman, Jobbing, Snag A Job, Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk’s Blog, Jobvite, Sodexo

Part 4: Real Life, Real Message, Real Meaning.

The problem is in your real life not social media
Brazen Careerist vs. Linkedin
Building your network and personal brand
Why Talent Revolution WON’T do your recruiting
Real message: Shifting how you recruit, whose responsible and how you measure
Are you a part of the broken system?
Hiring and agency to tweet for you is lame
HR needs to get behind a cause and create meaningful change in the workplace

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