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March 19, 2009

ironically, something about flying grounds me.

by sexythinker

just reclined the chair in seat 5A and powered up the laptop. i hate airports and miss the days when i was able to travel on “the company plane.” but, i love flying. like, a lot. it’s weird.

ironically, something about flying grounds me.

here are a few things i love about my airplane safe haven.


no internet. no phone. just me, my thoughts, earphones and laptop. with Web 2.0 comes a lot of noise and distraction. it’s nice to take breaks from it. during those breaks, I get great work done. like the work I’m getting ready to do with Chris on our latest book project. it really sucks that wi-fi will be more accessible on flights now.

flight attendants:

while they’re typically not as hot as they are on TV, there has never been a flight attendant that i didn’t find attractive. i told you: weird. i think it has something to do with how well they stay composed behind a sweet smile in the midst of all the crap they put up with. i always tip them when I order a drink and they always act surprised, then usually give me the rest of my drinks for free.

random people:

commercial travel creates opportunities to interact with a lot of people that i normally wouldn’t otherwise. i’ve sat next to people from all walks of life, from ceos to entertainers, and 6 year olds to a few psychos. i have a rule to interact with each person i sit with, even if it’s brief. sometimes what can i learn or realize is priceless. sometimes i need an exit strategy. earlier this year, i sat next to an airport employee that lives and works in charlotte. she was traveling back from india where she went to visit her husband. they see each other once a year, and have only seen each other once a year for the last 5 years. she made me realize i need to be more grateful for the easy access i have to my family and appreciate having a great, consistent sex life.

on my last flight, i finished a chapter of our book sitting next to a guy who was pretty lame. i stole his pretzels when he got up to go to the bathroom. i’m such a bad ass. this flight, i’ve got the whole row to myself. i’m finishing up this blog and looking forward to taking a nice nap.

March 13, 2009

doing without is filling me up

by sexythinker

i’m drinking lemon water and talking too loud at a borders bookstore in ohio.  a guy flashes me an annoyed glare and i wink at him (my charming way of apologizing).  i’m rushing to wrap up my week so that i can move onto a fun-filled 7 year old’s birthday weekend.   i keep getting distracted wondering whether or not i was too hard on the guy i just hung up the phone with.   i’m on the second day of a two day fast, so i’m not quite as approachable as i might normally be.  while i may not be as debonair as i usually am (ha), this fast has been a meaningful experience for me that’s making me a better person in a few ways:

1) i’m typically a wimp and sometimes pretty lazy when it comes to this type of stuff.  it’s pretty cool to discover a newly found discipline and toughness.

2) i decided to do the fast for selfish reasons.  cleanse my system, lose some weight and clear my mind.  however, by choosing to go two days experiencing hunger pains during this month’s “12 for 12k Charity, Share Our Strength” fund raising, i haven’t been able to quit thinking about the children who don’t have a choice in the matter. and,  i’m so inspired to do more.

3) while i’m clearly aggravated easily, i’m in this strangely lovable, super affectionate place right now when it comes to those i care about most.

once i got past the whining and headache i realized i’m kind of digging this fast thing.  or it’s making me delusional.  either way, I can’t wait for breakfast in the morning.

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March 7, 2009

sexy saturday’s

by sexythinker

over the last few weeks i’ve had this love affair with saturday’s. as the day nears i get giddy,  it may be one of the biggest day crushes i’ve ever had.

last saturday was the best ME day I’ve had in a long time.  i’m not sure whether it was the relaxing trip to the spa or my carefree attitude and approach to the day that made it so perfect.  either way today i’m requesting more of the same.

it’s saturday morning’s that are my favorite hands down.  waking up naturally to birds chirping no-pj’s, no alarm, where the only expectation from the day is a sunrise and knowing it’s agenda is at my command. 

this morning i haven’t left my bed yet.  the sound of the birds chirping outside are competing with my tweet deck updates.  i laugh to myself because from another room I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  i don’t know what’s more telling that, or the fact that i’m in bed with twitter.  a twitter friend tells me i should be participating in #sexysaturday ‘s .  i think to myself ..

“oh, believe me i am and you have no idea how good i’m becoming at this.” 

i just don’t know why i didn’t start participating in sexy saturday’s sooner..

March 6, 2009

blog therapy. day 1

by sexythinker

 i’m starting this blog mainly with self serving intentions,  giving myself an outlet that relieves stress and grounds my mind.

journaling is supposed to be good for mental health. for some reason when i think of that act, i picture a kid scribbling the words “PRIVATE: KEEP OUT” on the cover of a hello kitty journal. in the past, i thought i was too cool for it.  now i know i’m not, so i’m taking it up…on a public blog…minus the hello kitty journal.

when i decided to write a blog series about quiting my job, I discovered blogging could be therapeutic.  any english major or 5th grader would tell you i’m a terrible writer but i have a pretty authentic voice, so somehow it works for me. and, to my surprise, people keep reading my stuff.

letting you read my journal appeals to me.  i can tell myself that something i write may (in some sane or insane way) be therapeutic to you, and that makes me feel better about starting a self-serving blog.