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September 17, 2013

#JFDI: Today we’ll reach 16 million online for #NoKidHungry

by sexythinker



I first heard the phrase, “Just Focus, Do It,” at Rapport Leadership. You’ve probably seen it in my Facebook status updates or tweets as, “JFDI” (although, my version of the acronym varies slightly).

Either way, JFDI is a verb to me—it means taking action without making excuses. And, of course, it’s perfect for a hashtag.

The power of focused intention combined with bold action will make huge changes in your life. And, a community that collectively focuses its intentions and takes bold action can change the world.

Over 16 million children in America face an unnecessary struggle with hunger. This is inexcusable. Our nation has plenty of food, and we have the solutions to this problem. What we need collectively is more people with the will to JFDI.

Right now, all across this nation, over 9,000 restaurants are participating in the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry. Our collective goal is to raise over 10 million dollars for the No Kid Hungry campaign, which aims to eradicate childhood hunger in the U.S. over the next few years. If we reach our goal, millions of meals will be provided for hungry kids in our own communities.

Team No Kid Hungry is setting out today with a bold intention: Reach 16 million people online in one day with a call-to-action to Dine Out for No Kid Hungry.

These children are voiceless, they’re not old enough to vote, and they can’t afford lobbyists. So today, we’re going to use our voices, our influence, and the super powers of the internet to give them a voice, some help, and some hope. We won’t stop today until we’ve reached our goal.

There are many things we want to change in the world, and there are many things we’re making better. But, we also know we’ll be passing along many of these things to the next generation for them to solve.

Childhood hunger in America will not be one of those things.

Five years from today, we could be sitting around saying, “We did that … we were part of the movement that ended childhood hunger in America.” And when people ask us how we did it, we’ll say we decided to “just FN do it.”

Click Now To JFDI (takes 3 seconds)

Tweet today with the hashtag #NoKidHungry

#BeginTheEnd #NoKidHungry #JFDI

April 30, 2013

Save the date: May 2 is Team No Kid Hungry Recruitment Day!

by sexythinker

Join in next Thursday, May 2, during our one-day social media blitz to encourage the public to join Team No Kid Hungry and help us end childhood hunger in the U.S.! The day’s goal is to recruit 5,000 new members to Team No Kid Hungry, and we need your help.

Our Team No Kid Hungry Social Council, a network of 15 dedicated No Kid Hungry supporters and social activists, are working to recruit No Kid Hungry supporters, including high profile members of the culinary and entertainment industries for the Recruitment Day. These supporters will use their influence on social media to recruit advocates to join the fight against child hunger by taking the No Kid Hungry Pledge.

As an added incentive, the filmmakers who brought you the hunger documentary A Place At The Table will be donating $1 for every new Team No Kid Hungry member that joins on May 2, up to $5,000.

What is the No Kid Hungry Pledge and why 5,000 names? In order to truly end childhood hunger, we need an army of individuals ready to take action on behalf of the often invisible and voiceless kids in our country who face hunger each year. This year our members are working on a crowdsourced Breakfast Map, using the new No Kid Hungry Action Center to fulfill actions in local communities, and becoming members of the Hunger Core, the monthly giving program. To date, over 330,000 individuals have taken the Pledge.

How can you help? Here are some ways you can really help us make a difference on Team No Kid Hungry Recruitment Day:

  • Visit and take the pledge if you haven’t already.
  • Forward to 16 friends – online and offline. There are 16 million children who are food insecure. Your act of sharing will represent those hungry children.
  • Join No Kid Hungry online:
  • Download the Team No Kid Hungry app to use on 5/2 (and every day) to earn badges showing your support of No Kid Hungry!

Thank you for helping us make this day a success!


September 17, 2012

Will You Be A Voice for the 16.1 Million Voiceless?

by sexythinker

This week, during Dine Out For No Kid Hungry, we have an opportunity to truly be the change – an opportunity to use our collective “Klout,” “Kred,” Reach, and Influence to give a voice to the 16.1 million children in America who are hungry.

In 2011, the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry raised over 2.4 million dollars with the online assistance of over 2,000 members of Team No Kid Hungry.  We sent out over 10,000 Tweets encouraging friends, family, and complete strangers to dine out at one of the 5,000 participating restaurants. This year with over 8,000 participating restaurants – we’re going to need more than 10,000 tweets and 93 million impressions – in fact, we’re going to need double that!

It’s a big goal, and not only are we going to do it – we’re going to have some fun along the way.

Just in time for the Dine Out, we’re rolling out the official Team No Kid Hungry iPhone App (can only download from your iPhone)! If you’re not reading this from an iPhone, here is the web version This app will not only help us reach our goal and continue to grow the movement, it will keep us connected throughout the year and keep us united on focused actions to end childhood hunger.

The app will be the perfect place to join our annual “TwEAT Out” for the Dine Out For No Kid Hungry on Monday, September 17th, to earn points, badges, and even rewards for completing “missions” the week of the Dine Out (Sunday, September 16th – Saturday, September 23rd), and stay connected year-round to stay on top of the leaderboard as one of our top Hunger Heroes.

Not an iPhone user?  Don’t worry, you can still join in the fun by visiting http://www.teamnokidhungry.orgfrom any mobile device with an internet connection.

We can’t wait to see all of you become Hunger Heroes! Download the app now! App must be downloaded directly from your mobile device.

October 10, 2011

ServeHope – a way to serve our local and global poor

by sexythinker

Earlier this year I met Jeff Power at an Ungeeked Conference where we were both speaking. We had an amazing breakfast my last morning, me, Jeff and Spike Jones.

Jeff, works with Global Hope Network International helping the poorest villages of the world transform themselves. I love following his travel blog and videos and seeing in real time the difference they are making.

Spike, is the writer and editor that gave Brains on Fire (one of my favorite books about igniting powerful, sustainable movements) message one voice. Spike and works with PR giant Fleishman-Hillard.

You can probably imagine how cool and unforgettable that breakfast was.The three of us talked about movements, projects we’ve worked on and changing the world.

I’m telling you this because 1) you should follow these guys, they’re like us and you’ll learn a lot.!/spikejones!/jeffpower

And 2) during that breakfast Jeff told me about ServeHope. Around this time of year (October & November), teams of ServeHope volunteers across the US will donate a day or their choosing to help local neighbors, while raising funds that help both local and global neighbors. All the world’s poor are our neighbors. Many are local, and even more are global where a billion exist on $1/day or less.

I’ve been following the work Jeff is doing with GHNI, I know it’s making a BIG difference in places that just don’t have the resources like we do here in the states. And, I think they’re on to something with this ServeHope and I want to be apart of it.

I started a ServeHope team “Be The Change Influencers”. If you’re looking to be apart of something meaningful before Thanksgiving you should join our team. We’re working on the calendar now where we’ll donate our day of time to local food banks around the states. Our team will also do a few different fundraising activities on and offline. Half of the money raised will help GHNI-USA towards their work against hunger in the poorest villages globally and half will go to Share Our Strength’s work to end childhood hunger here at home.

Over the next month I’ll be in Lexington, KY, Baltimore, MD, Charlotte, NC, Bradley, IL, IA, Dayton, OH, Orlando, FL, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA and Baton Rouge, LA. If you’re in one of those cities hit me up and let’s organize a food bank volunteer day. If you’re not and you want to organize one in your city hit me up too ahite at

You can check out our team page here.

Join our team by registering here . Please select “Be The Change Influencers” as your team!

Let’s use our Social Influence towards Social Good. Let’s apply our time, talents and passion this holiday season to meaningful work. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.



Algonquin to Gambella from Global Hope Network Int’l on Vimeo.

July 6, 2011

An Epic Example: The Power of Social Media for Social Good. #BeTheChange #NoKidHungry

by sexythinker

I still meet people every day who wonder if Social Media will ever be anything of significance.

I shake my head…They have no idea.

Social media is a digital extension of our lives and the world we live in – EXCEPT- It’s this “social layer” that gives us UNBELIEVABLE SUPER POWERS.

To date we’re only just seeing the beginning of these powers.  Like the at-your-fingertips-power to organize millions of supporters to  help win a political election (Obama), Like virtually connecting a country and the world to start a revolution (Egypt) . Like beaming your donations and support half a world away to victims of a natural disaster (Japan). All significant things done from PC’s, laptops and mobile phones all around the world.

I’ve particularly developed a fascination, or maybe an obsession, for how we can use these super powers for good, ways to take digital influence, inspire movements and create meaningful change in the physical world. An examples of just that is Share Our Strength’s Dine Out for #NoKidHungry online movement.

An Epic Example of Social Media for Social Good.

Last year we put out a video call to action to “Use Your Online Influence To Help End Childhood Hunger in America.

The call to action was focused: “Raise Awareness for the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry and drive consumers into participating restaurants.” We targeted the communities who care the most about this cause (the restaurant industry and it’s advocates) and went after online influencers and consumers who care and want to make a difference. Over 1,000 people helped spread the word, posting over 10,000 tweets about the campaign in just one week. Those 1,000 contributors did their part to help Share Our Strength and the restaurant industry increase funds raised over prior year by 108%,raising 1.5 million dollars to help end childhood hunger in the United States.

This year Share Our Strength’s goal for the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry is to raise 3 million dollars with help of 5,000 restaurants. So the team decided to rally our online advocates once again, but this time for restaurant recruitment. The single call to action this time: “Ask your favorite restaurant to participate in the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry.” We did  “TwEAT Outs” where our online street team encouraged people to ask their favorite restaurant to participate in the Dine Out.

Supporters shared their strength by asking their favorite brands in their own way to participate. 

On June 21st, in just ONE DAY the community of almost 1,000 people came back together online to send out well over 5,000 Tweets, leaving over 40 million impressions and reaching around 5 million followers on twitter (the equivalent of the population of Norway or Singapore.)

The #NoKidHungry hashtag was the #2 Trending Topic on Twitter for 3 hours straight, ahead of the ever popular #TheVoice hashtag!

While this raised a ton of awareness for the cause, it also achieved results – getting 52 restaurant registrations during the time because of the TwEAT Outs.

And  generated dozens more leads and hiked interest among other restaurants.


But… the thing that impressed me the most is how the cause bonded a community together. The Share Our Strength team brought together communities, advocates and influencers made it empowered them to make a difference and cheered them on along the way. In turn it bred a level of commitment from the community and made a powerful impact on the lives of all who participated in making this meaningful change.

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Ben Parker in Spiderman

My question to you is this – how are you using your digital superpowers for good?

You can take the No Kid Hungry Pledge here to join this movement.

You can join the Be The Change Influencers team to be a part of more movements like this one by clicking the join the revolution link at the top of this page.

*We are preparing a special THANK YOU for all of you that gave and continue to give your time, talent, and passion to this cause. In the meantime I wanted to say thanks and give a special thanks to Jessica Northey who played a HUGE roll and set the example in this last TwEAT Out. The results would not have been the same with out you.  Thank you Jessica!


March 12, 2011

#Tweetup #Lexington #KY Saul Good Benefit for Kentucky Children’s Hospital

by sexythinker

Nothing is more critical than a baby’s first year. Let’s help Kentucky Children’s Hospital get needed equipment to help them reach that 1-year milestone. And have a GOOD time doing it.

January 1, 2011

VIDEO BLOG: Happy New Years! TR 30 Day 2011 Personal Revolution: Lifestyle Challenge

by sexythinker

Need some inspiration to get started?


To learn more check out:


December 28, 2010

New Standard For Politicians: Mayor Cory Booker Uses Twitter In Emergency Response. #BeTheChange

by sexythinker

Tonight I couldn’t sleep so I tuned into Twitter and was checking out my “Be The Change” stream.

There I saw Newark Mayor Cory Booker @CoryBooker.  He was not only out in the community with emergency response teams helping citizens in crisis, he was tweeting updates and responding to calls for help

I noticed this upset tweet to the Mayor and his quick response:

After that many tweets like this one came in:

His response to @NEAKO wasn’t just for show, Mayor Booker followed through with his promise.

We all watched and cheered from the sidelines:

In the end he rescued some people in the community and made ALOT of fans including @NEAKO

My first thought was WOW finally a Political Public figure using twitter productively to communicate with citizens and aid in an emergency situation.


Then I thought:  Could Twitter have the same transparency impact on Politicians as it does on Businesses?  I mean not every political figure was out until 3:00 AM being superman!

Really…  How might Twitter impact the future of politics?  After tonight I feel hopeful, again.

Thank you Mayor Cory Booker for “Being THE Change” and setting the standard!

December 1, 2010

9 Principles of Change: The Gift

by sexythinker

The most significant gift my short life has given me is an overwhelming amount of experience with change.  From moving to 32 homes by the time I was 18, to the countless adversities that have and will always follow me because of my commitment to honor myself, unapologetically.

Change is the only thing I’ve learned I can rely on.  Because of that, I’ve learned to see and live on the beautiful side of change.  And that perspective is my gift.

Here are 9 principles of change By Ariane de Bonvoisin that I read to myself often. They’ve helped me, and I hope they do the same for you.

Principle 1: People who successfully navigate change have positive beliefs.

Your biggest need right now is to develop new beliefs: about yourself, about this change, and about life in general. Nothing will have a bigger impact on the way you move through change.

Principle 2: People who successfully navigate change know that change always brings something positive into their lives.

Every change has a gift associated with it. While it’s natural to find change hard it’s important to remember that there are two sides to every coin and that something positive will always come. This is by far the most important belief to have during the first thirty days of change.

Principle 3: People who successfully navigate change know they are resilient, strong, and capable of getting through anything.

You are much stronger, much smarter, and much more intuitive than you have ever been told. You are more resilient and more powerful. Once you truly know and believe this, you will be able to get through any change- even the hardest one you can imagine.

Principle 4: People who successfully navigate change know that every challenging emotion they feel is not going to stop them and will guide them to positive emotions that help them feel better.

Negative emotions can stall us, making change harder, while the positive ones can help us move through a change in a simpler, quicker, and more conscious way.

Principle 5: People who successfully navigate change know that the quicker they accept the change, the less pain and hardship they will feel.

Let go of the idea of how life is “supposed” to be.

Principle 6: People who successfully navigate change use empowering questions and words, think better thoughts, and express their feelings.

At your most stuck point, if you can speak with different words, think a slightly better thought, and get in touch with how you are feeling, you can become unstuck in a matter of minutes.

Principle 7: People who successfully navigate change know they are connected to something bigger than themselves.

When everything around you is changing, look for the part of you that doesn’t change. The part that is calm, centered and always there.

Principle 8: People who successfully navigate change are not alone; they surround themselves with people who can help, who have the right beliefs and skills. And they create an environment that supports their change.

One of our biggest flaws as human beings is that we keep thinking we are alone. Whatever the situation, there is always, always someone who can help.

Principle 9: People who successfully navigate change take action. They have a plan and know how to take care of themselves.

Actions come in many forms. Some are big and obvious; some are so small you may think they are irrelevant. But any good action you take is a choice to move forward.

The First 30 Days:  By Ariane de Bonvoisin

September 15, 2010

VIDEO: Austin based musical savant John Pointer entertaining the #HS360 crowd. Rocked my world.

by sexythinker

Yesterday I met Austin, TX based musical savant “John Pointer”.. when the Hot Schedule’s 360 User Conference kicked off like this…..

Then later that evening at a boat bash on the lake, he fell into my favor with this personalized shout out to me and Prince performance…

and he also does this…

BUT NONE OF THAT prepared me for what he did at the end of the night with a mind blowing acoustic version of this…

WOW….Austin has talent…  for sure.

ps..  Thank you Host Schedules for having me out and introducing me to John. You guys are all bad assess and seriously impress me with your taste and talent.

Your fan,