July 12, 2010

Best Speaking Intro I’ve Ever Received… Video Clips from #PRSCamp

by sexythinker

Reason number 2,041 why Kacy Oden is so awesome.

July 11, 2010

Steve Jobs inspiration on being yourself… #BeAuthentic

by sexythinker

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.”

~Steve Jobs

Thanks to Louis Basille for sending this to me quote!

June 25, 2010

Song Dedicated To My #TR Work Family @c_reed @kamiwood @culturedude @culturebabe @fleurdeleigh

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Warning:  Bad Language

Not exactly sure why but song makes me think of us.  I love you guys.

June 17, 2010

Embrace Your Authenticity, UnApologetically. Clips from my #PRSCamp keynote

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June 3, 2010

Authenticity: “The most important kind of freedom…” – Jim Morrison

by sexythinker

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on and individual level. It’s got to happen inside first. You can take away a man’s political freedom and you won’t hurt him- unless you take away his freedom to feel. That can destroy him. That kind of freedom can’t be granted. Nobody can win it for you.”  – Jim Morrison

May 26, 2010

Talent Revolution, Hard Rock International and UCL London

by sexythinker

If there was ever a perfect example of a time when I truly felt like I was living my UCL (Ultimate Career Lifestyle), it was this past week, in London, while working with the amazing team from Hard Rock International.

This trip made me reflect on a time in the not-so-distant past when Chris and I were working in a not-so-great place on a not-so-great gig. Our last evening there, over a little Knob Creek, I said to him: “Starting now, we are more intentional about the work we attract to our business.”

And here we are, shortly after that experience and deliberate choice, Susan and myself (sorry Chris) doing meaningful work with a kick ass company in London, UK.

Here’s a video that is just an appetizer of the experience:

I’m so grateful.

Living your UCL is a choice.

I’ll never dare say it’s easy, but I will say that every ounce of the uneasy stuff is worth it.

Here are a few of the key UCL principles we live by:

Embrace your authenticity. Unapologetically.
Until I became conscious and accepting of the person I am at my core, until I grew comfortable in my own skin, my life stood still. Being intimate with your passions, convicted with your principles, and high on your talent’s potential is, well, let’s just say pretty freaking awesome and undeniably powerful.

Make the decision to own and create your life. If you don’t, someone else will for you.
You’ve probably heard the saying that there are three types of people. People who make things happen. People who watch things happen. And, people who wonder what the @#$ just happened. Ask yourself: which one are you? Then ask yourself what am I going to do about it?

Write it down. Define, plan and act.
One of the first bosses I ever had taught me to define the outcomes that I want to manifest and be crazy specific when writing them down. That process, paired with having the discipline to take action in stepping towards them, changed the way my life happens. One of my all time favorite sayings as it relates to this is that “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – someone super smart

Share your intentions with the people in your life.
I’m the big geek with a vision board on Facebook. Hell yeah I am. It’s there where I’m connected to most of the people I know and care about. By communicating my dreams, goals and intentions with the people in my life, they help support me in achieving them. My hope for them is that they share their dreams with me so that I can return the favor.

Stop making excuses. You’re worth it.
It’s 2010 and there’s no reason that any of us should not be relentlessly pursuing the things in life that provide the most meaning to us. We have the best technology, work and communication tools that we’ve ever had. The wisdom of many others who have achieved the goals we have is at our fingertips. Most importantly all of the resources we need we can find inside of ourselves. If we give ourselves the gift of time to explore them. But first we must acknowledge and accept the fact that we’re worth it.

Because we are.

I want to thank Calum MacPherson, Jim Knight and Alison McCue for giving us the opportunity to work with such a cool company. And to the team from Hard Rock International Sally Woodward, Stefano Pandin, Karen Burke, Elena Alvarez, Paulo Rodrigues, Dale Swift, Kristina Lange, Lucia Castro, Morag Ranford, Debbie Galbraith, David Pellow, Alison Larmond, Calum and Alison “Thank you for letting us be a part of such a special process in your life.”

Thank you Susan Fawcett for being my amazing coach, friend and UCL partner in crime. I couldn’t nor wouldn’t want to do any of this without you.

Authentically yours,

May 12, 2010

My New “Visible” Tattoo..

by sexythinker

I got a visible tattoo. In a true sexy thinker fashion, we flipped it so you could watch and so that those of you who thought I might cry could see how tough I was.

Afterward I had a few conversations that went something like this:

“Hey what did you do today?” – them

“I got a tattoo.” – me

“Where?” – them

“On my forearm” – me

“Wow, you’re brave.” – them

“Why do you say that?” – me

“What will your clients think?” – them

“What if you decide to go back into the corporate world?” – them

“How are you going to hide it?” – them

“It looks like you drew it on with a marker.” – Bill Campion

Listen. Carefully.

It’s not about a tattoo.

It’s 2010, it’s about being able to be who you are.
The people you work for should judge you according to your results, your ideas and your talent. Nothing else.

If I’m not accepted in the workplace for a tattoo, I’m pretty certain there will be other more important parts of who I am that would not be accepted.

Look, sometimes we have to work a job we don’t entirely like, but in this day in age, should we still have to work in places where we can’t express ourselves and be who we are?

I’ve learned that only when you embrace your own authenticity, unapologetically, can you really explore your talents’ potential. By being true to yourself you attract the kind of people in your life who share your values. Including employers and clients.

You do have a choice.

A special thank you to @kwoodpartners for helping me figure this out and to @nwalls for being my sidekick on this experience.

March 19, 2010

The Drive And My Crash.

by sexythinker

Yesterday, I was in a pretty bad car crash

It happened while I was driving home to Lexington. My mind was racing 100 mph, the rest of the world was pulling me in 50 different directions and yes I was on my iphone. As could be expected in the midst of chaos I stumbled into an intersection where a driver in control of the road slammed hard into my car crushing the entire front end of my vehicle. Instantly, the airbag smashed against my chest, then quickly unraveled over my head and throughout the car. The impact took my breath away.

Now this will sound terrible but honest..

My first thought: “I’ve completely lost control and my car it is about to explode. I have to save my computer.”
My next thought: “Are the passengers in the other car ok?”

Everyone was safe and unharmed but frantic, my Mac and I were still in mint condition but my sexy car was mangled beyond repair. I stepped out of the car into the chaos and debris and waited for the lingering nightmare to end.

Flashback to five days ago: I had the reverse experience.

Driving along the coast of sunny California, while taking some much needed “Amanda time”, iphone shutdown, I stumbled upon a drive so beautiful, so peaceful, so overwhelming, that it took my breath away. Several times along the way, I had to just stop, get out of the car, and convince myself that it was real. The calmness, the serenity completely captivated me and for moments that seemed to last forever, everything seemed perfect. Not wanting the feeling to end I decided to I drive for miles and miles.

Now this may sound to good to be true but..

My first thought: “I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so free, so liberated behind the wheel.”
My second thought: “I could lose myself on this road, on this path, forever.”

Flash forward to the present.

I’m still shaken and overwhelmed by both experiences. And while it’s hard find the nerve to get behind the wheel again, I’m definitely ready to drive down the road with less chaos.

Sometimes, I think the universe speaks to us in the most painful, the most powerful, and the most deliberate ways.

March 3, 2010

CAUGHT ON TAPE: “Drive By, Raid into Twitter Headquarters”

by sexythinker

For about a year now my Twitter Handle @sexythinker has not shown up in Twitter search. I sent multiple emails, tweets to twitter help and even had someone on my team call Twitter HQ.

Nothing worked.

On a recent trip to San F-R-A-N-C-I-S-C-O, the morning after a late night on the town (as you can tell from how rough I look) I decided to take matters into my own hands…

I am not ashamed of my actions.

Twitter: “I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me…”


March 3, 2010

The Social Media Revolution: A Power Shift from Brand to Customer.

by sexythinker

This week, I discovered this powerful video, “Bigger than TV? Social Media’s Power Shift” produced by Radian6 . I’d like to pass along and summarize my interpretation of that message here.

Is the Social Web really all that revolutionary? Or is it a fad?

Make no mistake, we’re in the midst of a revolutionary shift in how brands and customers do business. If you don’t start taking this seriously, you will find yourself lonely and without a voice.

Let me explain.

If you’ve studied marketing, you’ve heard the phrase: “The medium is the message.” This is stunningly true. The medium itself has a significant social impact on business and in our lives regardless of the message being communicated through that medium.

Think email.

It’s changed our work lives. And, it’s not because of a particular email that we’ve received. It’s just the fact that we have email that’s changed the way we work and how we do business.

Here’s the thing. Up until now, the medium has been owned and sold by the gatekeepers who controlled it.

Think TV, radio.

It came at a price. With your purchase, you got to tell the story the way you wanted to tell it. And for a long time, that worked. But the Social Web is very different because it’s owned by the Community. No one controls it, you can’t buy it, and everyone is an equal participant.

Now, a customer has as much of a voice as the brand. That is a revolutionary shift in power.

The messages are no longer controllable.

The days of sitting in a room with your Executive, PR and Marketing teams, defining a message and pushing it out there, are over.

Your brand is defined by the conversations that are happening about it. Communicated in the language, shaped by the voice and in the words of your customer. You can influence it but, ultimately, your customers will shape it.

The reign of the dominated, one-way conversation has come to an end.

And you’re better off for it. Because when you isolated the conversation, you never really knew what was happening on the other end, whether people believed and trusted you, if it struck up a conversation, if it inspired an action or idea.

Now, in real time…at your finger tips…if you choose to tune in…are all the reactions, all the ideas, recorded and living here on the Social Web. Right. Now. You have the opportunity to talk directly to your customers.


You’ll have to humanize your brand. You’ll have to be more authentic and more engaging to earn their trust. You’ll have to care enough to listen, and do so fanatically. And, you’ll have to be ready for disappointment, be open to change, because what they tell you may not be what you wanted or expected to hear.

If you do, and if you are, one day you’ll look back and see that this single medium has revolutionized the way you do business.

I’d like to invite you take action now and join us in Dallas February 24th and 25th for TR Live: Designing Your Companies Social Media Strategy.