March 14, 2011

“The Social Ripple: Impacting Business and Life.” Book I’ll be co-writing with @paulbarron. #SocialRipple

by sexythinker

“The era of how social business, social relationships, social engagement and social commerce has begun. We have spent the past four years learning and exploring the art and science of engagement. Our next step as brand leaders will be to understand the Ripple Effects our social actions have on our business, employees and our customers.”

– Paul Barron, Digital Brand Camp

This year I’ll be co-writing a book with Paul  called “The Social Ripple.”  In the book we will share some interesting concepts on how you can actually guide your social ripple to help your business or your own life succeed.

Not only am I’m thrilled to work on such a meaningful project with one of my biggest role models and business crushes, I’m excited to share with you some profound stories and examples where this kind of social influence has transformed businesses and changed lives, including my own.



March 12, 2011

#Tweetup #Lexington #KY Saul Good Benefit for Kentucky Children’s Hospital

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Nothing is more critical than a baby’s first year. Let’s help Kentucky Children’s Hospital get needed equipment to help them reach that 1-year milestone. And have a GOOD time doing it.

January 1, 2011

VIDEO BLOG: Happy New Years! TR 30 Day 2011 Personal Revolution: Lifestyle Challenge

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Need some inspiration to get started?


To learn more check out:


December 28, 2010

New Standard For Politicians: Mayor Cory Booker Uses Twitter In Emergency Response. #BeTheChange

by sexythinker

Tonight I couldn’t sleep so I tuned into Twitter and was checking out my “Be The Change” stream.

There I saw Newark Mayor Cory Booker @CoryBooker.  He was not only out in the community with emergency response teams helping citizens in crisis, he was tweeting updates and responding to calls for help

I noticed this upset tweet to the Mayor and his quick response:

After that many tweets like this one came in:

His response to @NEAKO wasn’t just for show, Mayor Booker followed through with his promise.

We all watched and cheered from the sidelines:

In the end he rescued some people in the community and made ALOT of fans including @NEAKO

My first thought was WOW finally a Political Public figure using twitter productively to communicate with citizens and aid in an emergency situation.


Then I thought:  Could Twitter have the same transparency impact on Politicians as it does on Businesses?  I mean not every political figure was out until 3:00 AM being superman!

Really…  How might Twitter impact the future of politics?  After tonight I feel hopeful, again.

Thank you Mayor Cory Booker for “Being THE Change” and setting the standard!

December 10, 2010

Saul Good: An Evening of Giving. #BeTheChange #Lexington #KimbleFamily

by sexythinker

On December 12th from 5-9 pm, Saul Good Restaurant & Pub in Lexington, KY has generously agreed to donate 50% of all sales to this family. Please help The Kimble family by simply coming in to enjoy a drink or dinner. Or, if you can’t make it that evening, simply drop off a donation.


December 1, 2010

9 Principles of Change: The Gift

by sexythinker

The most significant gift my short life has given me is an overwhelming amount of experience with change.  From moving to 32 homes by the time I was 18, to the countless adversities that have and will always follow me because of my commitment to honor myself, unapologetically.

Change is the only thing I’ve learned I can rely on.  Because of that, I’ve learned to see and live on the beautiful side of change.  And that perspective is my gift.

Here are 9 principles of change By Ariane de Bonvoisin that I read to myself often. They’ve helped me, and I hope they do the same for you.

Principle 1: People who successfully navigate change have positive beliefs.

Your biggest need right now is to develop new beliefs: about yourself, about this change, and about life in general. Nothing will have a bigger impact on the way you move through change.

Principle 2: People who successfully navigate change know that change always brings something positive into their lives.

Every change has a gift associated with it. While it’s natural to find change hard it’s important to remember that there are two sides to every coin and that something positive will always come. This is by far the most important belief to have during the first thirty days of change.

Principle 3: People who successfully navigate change know they are resilient, strong, and capable of getting through anything.

You are much stronger, much smarter, and much more intuitive than you have ever been told. You are more resilient and more powerful. Once you truly know and believe this, you will be able to get through any change- even the hardest one you can imagine.

Principle 4: People who successfully navigate change know that every challenging emotion they feel is not going to stop them and will guide them to positive emotions that help them feel better.

Negative emotions can stall us, making change harder, while the positive ones can help us move through a change in a simpler, quicker, and more conscious way.

Principle 5: People who successfully navigate change know that the quicker they accept the change, the less pain and hardship they will feel.

Let go of the idea of how life is “supposed” to be.

Principle 6: People who successfully navigate change use empowering questions and words, think better thoughts, and express their feelings.

At your most stuck point, if you can speak with different words, think a slightly better thought, and get in touch with how you are feeling, you can become unstuck in a matter of minutes.

Principle 7: People who successfully navigate change know they are connected to something bigger than themselves.

When everything around you is changing, look for the part of you that doesn’t change. The part that is calm, centered and always there.

Principle 8: People who successfully navigate change are not alone; they surround themselves with people who can help, who have the right beliefs and skills. And they create an environment that supports their change.

One of our biggest flaws as human beings is that we keep thinking we are alone. Whatever the situation, there is always, always someone who can help.

Principle 9: People who successfully navigate change take action. They have a plan and know how to take care of themselves.

Actions come in many forms. Some are big and obvious; some are so small you may think they are irrelevant. But any good action you take is a choice to move forward.

The First 30 Days:  By Ariane de Bonvoisin

November 22, 2010

Shout Out: No Kid Hungry Bloggers & Tweeters #gratitude #nokidhungry #RAAD

by sexythinker

Thank you for inspiring me and for making a difference.

Please spread my thanks and gratitude to those you know that were a part of this.



September 15, 2010

VIDEO: Austin based musical savant John Pointer entertaining the #HS360 crowd. Rocked my world.

by sexythinker

Yesterday I met Austin, TX based musical savant “John Pointer”.. when the Hot Schedule’s 360 User Conference kicked off like this…..

Then later that evening at a boat bash on the lake, he fell into my favor with this personalized shout out to me and Prince performance…

and he also does this…

BUT NONE OF THAT prepared me for what he did at the end of the night with a mind blowing acoustic version of this…

WOW….Austin has talent…  for sure.

ps..  Thank you Host Schedules for having me out and introducing me to John. You guys are all bad assess and seriously impress me with your taste and talent.

Your fan,


September 3, 2010

Call To ACTION: Use Your Influence To End Childhood Hunger In America

by sexythinker

We’re putting together an online, grassroots army of people to help raise awareness for Share Our Strength’s “Great American Dine Out”, September 19-25.

The single CALL TO ACTION is “Please dine out the week of Sept 19-25 at a participating restaurant” Link to find a participating restaurants is here:

Nearly 17 million children in this country struggle with hunger. Share Our Strength’s “No Kid Hungry” campaign is ending childhood hunger in America by connecting at-risk children with the nutritious foods they need to live healthy, active lives.

The “Great American Dine Out,” September 19-25, will bring together thousands of restaurants and millions of consumers to help raise money for this important cause.


1)  If you have a blog:  Starting two weeks before the actual Dine Out, please blog to raise awareness for the “No Kid Hungry” campaign and about the “The Great American Dine Out”.  The single CALL TO ACTION is “Please dine out the week of Sept 19-25 at a participating restaurant” Link to find a participating restaurants is here:

2) If you’re online at all:  Use your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to spread the word about “The Great American Dine Out” and ask your friends, family and networks to please dine out that week.

3) Join us on Twitter, September 20th from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., for our “Tweet-a-Thon” to raise awareness for the campaign. Use and follow the hashtags #DineOut and #NoKidHungry.

All the details and information you need can be found HERE.


If you have any questions please contact kwoodworth at

July 29, 2010

Recruiting Webcast: Penelope Trunk and Amanda Hite (VIDEO BREAKDOWN)

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I realized I never posted these on this blog.  Seeing these again makes me want to find another excuse to go back to Madison and visit the team at Brazen.

Part 1: A Really Long Webinar Warm Up…

Why most recruiters suck
Re-invent the recruiting process
Taking risk, BMW’s, Penelope and Amanda get financially punk’d
The Brazen Recruiter
Selling social media to executives
Why you should leave HR
warning PT drops 2 F-bombs

Shout outs: Monicals pizza, Pacific Catch, BMW financial services

Part 2: Money Shot’s for Changing the Recruiting Process.

Ideas on how to change the recruiting process

  • A system where talent filters itself
  • Community driven selection process
  • Manager accountability for succession planning and recruiting
  • Making everyone else responsible for recruiting

The HR Marketer
Employment Branding and Employee Referrals
Listening tools

Shout outs: Netvibes, Hardrock, Sodexo

Part 3: Penelope Thinks I’m Smart Then Almost Dies.

Do employee referrals differently
Penelope is almost rushed to the hospital
How to listen in, find conversations online and move to Laguna Beach
Good PR?
How to “get in” the door despite the broken system
Personal branding
Identifying online influencers

Shout outs: Punk Rock HR Laurie Ruettimann, Joel Cheezeman, Jobbing, Snag A Job, Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk’s Blog, Jobvite, Sodexo

Part 4: Real Life, Real Message, Real Meaning.

The problem is in your real life not social media
Brazen Careerist vs. Linkedin
Building your network and personal brand
Why Talent Revolution WON’T do your recruiting
Real message: Shifting how you recruit, whose responsible and how you measure
Are you a part of the broken system?
Hiring and agency to tweet for you is lame
HR needs to get behind a cause and create meaningful change in the workplace

Shout outs: , Talent Revolution, @sexythinker