VIDEO BLOG: Happy New Years! TR 30 Day 2011 Personal Revolution: Lifestyle Challenge

by sexythinker

Need some inspiration to get started?


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7 Responses to “VIDEO BLOG: Happy New Years! TR 30 Day 2011 Personal Revolution: Lifestyle Challenge”

  1. Happy New Year Amanda – to you and the whole crew at TR – this has been an incredible year – highs & lows – but so much growth – and so much evidence of what really matters in life and business. Thank you for the leadership, the inspiration, the friendship, the support, the challenge to keep pushing for positive change. I wish you Bill, Chris, Susan, Kami, & Leigh much happiness and peace. 2011 is going to be as they used to say “epic”. 🙂 Joni

  2. Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? One thing I’m grateful for is your constant enthusiasm in giving, Amanda. You never seem bored to share whatever you have to offer of yourself, and I so appreciate all that you do. I’m looking forward to putting together my bucket list and watching line after line get crossed off as the days go by. Thanks for the challenge =)

  3. Joni, Thank you so much. You are such an inspiration and role model to our team. We all are going to have an amazing 2011! I love you!!!!!

  4. Dian, I am grateful to have stumbled upon your work in 2010. We share a passion for authenticity. I’m here to support you in anyway I can as you realize your bucket list. Thank you for being you and inspiring me!

  5. Laurie, I’m stoked! I have learned so much from watching you. And meeting you in person was even cooler than I imagined. I’m so glad you’re gonna do the challenge and I CAN:T WAIT to buy your book!!!


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