New Standard For Politicians: Mayor Cory Booker Uses Twitter In Emergency Response. #BeTheChange

by sexythinker

Tonight I couldn’t sleep so I tuned into Twitter and was checking out my “Be The Change” stream.

There I saw Newark Mayor Cory Booker @CoryBooker.  He was not only out in the community with emergency response teams helping citizens in crisis, he was tweeting updates and responding to calls for help

I noticed this upset tweet to the Mayor and his quick response:

After that many tweets like this one came in:

His response to @NEAKO wasn’t just for show, Mayor Booker followed through with his promise.

We all watched and cheered from the sidelines:

In the end he rescued some people in the community and made ALOT of fans including @NEAKO

My first thought was WOW finally a Political Public figure using twitter productively to communicate with citizens and aid in an emergency situation.


Then I thought:  Could Twitter have the same transparency impact on Politicians as it does on Businesses?  I mean not every political figure was out until 3:00 AM being superman!

Really…  How might Twitter impact the future of politics?  After tonight I feel hopeful, again.

Thank you Mayor Cory Booker for “Being THE Change” and setting the standard!


12 Responses to “New Standard For Politicians: Mayor Cory Booker Uses Twitter In Emergency Response. #BeTheChange”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I went back and read his stream for the last 24 hours. Inspiring!

  2. What a joke. He only replies to what he want to reply to and it’s always “I’m on my way to help you out” He can’t help the entire city. His Tweets are a joke of late. I am a huge CB supporter but he needs to deploy more plows and pay the overtime and get us out from being stuck! My street is a joke.

  3. It doesn’t matter which side of the political playing field that you are on….this is awesome! A politician that is more than just words and promises….but actually takes action and reaches out directly to their community. What a concept!!!!!

    • Help all or help none. The pick and choose of where he is going only serves to frustrate the residents that he can’t possibly help. He can’t be everywhere It’s great that he’s helping, but where are the plows that are supposed to be trolling the city like he keeps saying they are? They are no where to be seen in the Ironbound — one of the biggest reasons he got elected in the first place.

  4. I had time to read just one article in my RSS feed this morning. SO glad this was in my stream. 2011 will bring lots of change, and I hope there’s more like this from politicians and the average American person, alike.

    As for the people still upset by what this man couldn’t do, I suppose nothing will be enough. It’s time for all of us to embrace Being The Change we ant to see in the world and stop pointing fingers at everything others are not doing.

    Such a great story, and I’m glad you’re sharing these bits and pieces of it here with us. Cheers, you rockin awesome chica!

  5. This is a post with substance! Allow me to expand if you will. More often than not post are about where someone is, what they are doing and what may or may not happen next.

    Somewhat like this post, right? Well the difference is the Mayor was doing all these things in order to truly help his city and the people who live in it. Give the man some slack and a lot of credit. He was doing these things outside of a warm comfortable office. He went to different areas and called in help. Now how many other Mayors did this?

    The only other time I can think of in modern history, where a mayor acted rapid and openly was Rudi Giuliani. This was almost 10 years ago when 911 happened.

    Once again, hats off to Mayor Booker and all he is doing to make a tough situation better. For those of you complaining about this or that. Yes, it sucks when your street isn’t the first one cleaned. Remember, we sometimes have to wait our turn, as it takes time to get a city cleared. Instead of complaining ,what could you be better served doing in order to help?

  6. Yes Cory is setting the new direction with leadership and actions to back up the talk I do believe he could follow Obama after his 2nd term!

  7. Thanks for the honest comments and sharing your thoughts gang!

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