Embrace Your Authenticity, UnApologetically. Clips from my #PRSCamp keynote

by sexythinker

11 Responses to “Embrace Your Authenticity, UnApologetically. Clips from my #PRSCamp keynote”

  1. Amanda your presentation at Summer Camp touched so many lives. You are giving us all permission, encouragement, and inspiration; to be authentic, to align our passions and values with our work and to simply be better human beings. Watching this video brings it all home again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a huge part of the heart and soul of Summer Camp – and for contributing your talents, and those of every member of your spectacular Talent Revolution team. We are all in a different place because you did.

  2. I am just amazed. Love what you said and HOW you said it. Authentic!
    Plain, simple and so difficult to acheive when pressured with everybody else’s expectations.
    You eventually achieve it when you also realize that you are the only person you really OWE anything to.

    Thanks for this inspirational keynote. (love that you use your hands as much as I do…)


  3. I was just telling my friend at lunch how I have already started making a lot of changes in my life and attitude after being inspired at Summer Camp. Thank you for your inspiration.

  4. You never cease to amaze me! I could not guess where you were going with your exercise at the end, but once we completed it, it made SO much sense! I thought how simple is that…and unashamedly, why had I not thought of that visual!. Inspiring and thought provoking as always.

  5. WOW. What an impactful presentation. Clear, thought provoking and impactfull. Powerful message and very much in alignment with my thoughts to, carefully accept the gifts you have been given, and stop trying to be someone else. Would love to connect and interview you at some point soon regarding a book I am working on.

  6. Great presentation. Love your style of speaking and the way that you connect with the audience. Bravo!

    I especially like the portion of the video when you are talking about being born authentic. We are all programmed with “shoulds,” “ought tos,” and “gotta bes” that get in the way of us fulfilling or maybe even knowing our passions. You give us hope though that since we were born authentic that we can get back there.

  7. @Joni Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to speak about my passion. You have made such an impact on my life. Love you!
    @Karima thank you for your kind words. Yeah these hands are crazy! ; )
    @Jill that’s so cool to hear. I’m a better person everytime I leave a PR conference.

  8. @Tracy yeah I’m not great with instructions and I tend to dabba dabba do a bit. but I’m glad to hear that it made an impact
    @Allan I like that you spell your name with 2 L’s ; ) and I sent you a return email earlier today.

  9. @Christopher thank you for taking the time to comment I really appreciate it!


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