My New “Visible” Tattoo..

by sexythinker

I got a visible tattoo. In a true sexy thinker fashion, we flipped it so you could watch and so that those of you who thought I might cry could see how tough I was.

Afterward I had a few conversations that went something like this:

“Hey what did you do today?” – them

“I got a tattoo.” – me

“Where?” – them

“On my forearm” – me

“Wow, you’re brave.” – them

“Why do you say that?” – me

“What will your clients think?” – them

“What if you decide to go back into the corporate world?” – them

“How are you going to hide it?” – them

“It looks like you drew it on with a marker.” – Bill Campion

Listen. Carefully.

It’s not about a tattoo.

It’s 2010, it’s about being able to be who you are.
The people you work for should judge you according to your results, your ideas and your talent. Nothing else.

If I’m not accepted in the workplace for a tattoo, I’m pretty certain there will be other more important parts of who I am that would not be accepted.

Look, sometimes we have to work a job we don’t entirely like, but in this day in age, should we still have to work in places where we can’t express ourselves and be who we are?

I’ve learned that only when you embrace your own authenticity, unapologetically, can you really explore your talents’ potential. By being true to yourself you attract the kind of people in your life who share your values. Including employers and clients.

You do have a choice.

A special thank you to @kwoodpartners for helping me figure this out and to @nwalls for being my sidekick on this experience.

7 Comments to “My New “Visible” Tattoo..”

  1. Love the tattoo!
    i just got my first one last year and i LOVE it.
    Congratulations 🙂

  2. Dang girl you are tough! Ouch!

    Love what you wrote about being yourself and attracting the kind of people in your life who share your values. Agree 100%

  3. As a tattooed ( a few times over 😉 ) professional I absolutely love this article! Gone are the days of the starched shirt and below the knee skirt. We are who we are and are valued for what we know and do! Things are changing for the better and quite frankly if one is living authentically, they may actually choose to work with those who value them for their authentic selves rather than working with those who judge them based on artwork on their body.

    Tattoo rocks btw!

  4. I have a wrist tattoo (and many more). When I got it, my mom flipped her shit – and I was 31. And I’m an entrepreneur. And have no plans or desires to ever go back into the “work force”.

    But you really hit the nail on the head here. If a company won’t work with me because of my tattoos, then they probably won’t like my lesbianism or witchyness, either. And that’s a big lose for them – not for me.

    Nice tattoo. (:

  5. We’re at the stage now where it isn’t about the tattoo, but about the effect the tattoo will have on our social life and how we earn incomes. I’d be curious to see if that attitude is stronger now because of so many difficulties in finding a job over the past couple of years or if it has always been that way.

    Any thoughts from the crowd?

    (great post and very insightful)

  6. I am personally not a big fan of tattoos, but to each his own. The “being who are you are” theme is much more important. Most of my clients don’t particularly care what I believe or how I vote, but there is a segment of the population than does care. And for those who want to play Mafia Wars with me on Facebook or enjoy hearing what I think on twitter or my blog, I come across as a real person who cares about their cases.

  7. @alison what did you get?
    @sally yes! how true is that statement?!
    @AVV thanks and I totally agree!
    @kyeli You. Go. Girl.
    @Scott the tattoo has NO effect on my social life OR how I earn income unless i let it. The most ultimate freedom is being able to be who you are. core to living a more fulfilled life and career. i’m not giving that up to fit in amongst business’s or people who’s values don’t align. i agree the job market is tough for most people but i’m pretty sure it’s not about a tat most people don’t know how to get a job in this new broken recruiting system nor are they clear on what they want. that’s the problem. thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation!
    @carl thanks for your honest and for jumping into the discussion.

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