Video Blog: “Crush It. Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion.” Book Give Away.

by sexythinker

If you haven’t heard about Crush it Gary Vaynerchuck’s book that comes out October 13 you need to catch up and pre-order your copy today.

Gary V is my business idol and as the unofficial Mayor of this Community I’d like to recommend that we read the book together then support and energize each other to apply our talents to more meaningful work.

We’ve pre-ordered about 30 copies and will give out a few to members of this Talented Community. To get in on the drawing to get a free copy join in this discussion and tell us.

1. What is your talent’s passion?
2. How can TR and this community support you in “Crushing It”?

Read more about Gary here or learn about his new book, Crush It! here.

Gary shows TR some love on Video!

2 Comments to “Video Blog: “Crush It. Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion.” Book Give Away.”

  1. My passion is working with and for the right talent – to work with people who live embracing each day fully, genuinely and engaged. No b.s, just doing the right things creatively for the right reasons and giving back what they can. I’ve got a well rounded back ground in HR, recruitment, social media, public speaking, training, doing dishes… I’m passionate about support of Veterans issues – employment, retraining, support with disabilities both service related and non, family and community challenges and the list goes on!! Glad to find this book and this site. What a great group.

  2. Passion! I am fortunate enough to have discovered that at a young age; its what fires me UP everyday. I am a performance poet. In my profession there is always one thing I’m sure of, and that is I’ll be inspiring someone today, motivating someone tomorrow, or making someone laugh when a smile was hard to flex. I love what I do!
    How can you help? Help me share my dream with the world. I’m always looking to connect with like-minded people. Interested in helping others, motivating, inspiring, working with and building relationships. I’m in the entertainment business primarily high schools and colleges, if there is an opportunity for me to perform for an audience of 1 or 10,000 let me know i’ll be delighted to do so…

    Take care and don’t forget to enjoy LIFE!


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