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March 19, 2009

ironically, something about flying grounds me.

by sexythinker

just reclined the chair in seat 5A and powered up the laptop. i hate airports and miss the days when i was able to travel on “the company plane.” but, i love flying. like, a lot. it’s weird.

ironically, something about flying grounds me.

here are a few things i love about my airplane safe haven.


no internet. no phone. just me, my thoughts, earphones and laptop. with Web 2.0 comes a lot of noise and distraction. it’s nice to take breaks from it. during those breaks, I get great work done. like the work I’m getting ready to do with Chris on our latest book project. it really sucks that wi-fi will be more accessible on flights now.

flight attendants:

while they’re typically not as hot as they are on TV, there has never been a flight attendant that i didn’t find attractive. i told you: weird. i think it has something to do with how well they stay composed behind a sweet smile in the midst of all the crap they put up with. i always tip them when I order a drink and they always act surprised, then usually give me the rest of my drinks for free.

random people:

commercial travel creates opportunities to interact with a lot of people that i normally wouldn’t otherwise. i’ve sat next to people from all walks of life, from ceos to entertainers, and 6 year olds to a few psychos. i have a rule to interact with each person i sit with, even if it’s brief. sometimes what can i learn or realize is priceless. sometimes i need an exit strategy. earlier this year, i sat next to an airport employee that lives and works in charlotte. she was traveling back from india where she went to visit her husband. they see each other once a year, and have only seen each other once a year for the last 5 years. she made me realize i need to be more grateful for the easy access i have to my family and appreciate having a great, consistent sex life.

on my last flight, i finished a chapter of our book sitting next to a guy who was pretty lame. i stole his pretzels when he got up to go to the bathroom. i’m such a bad ass. this flight, i’ve got the whole row to myself. i’m finishing up this blog and looking forward to taking a nice nap.